If it may to end up being a spoiler, use a little buffer in consideration of others!
For those of you uneasy about granting access to linked applications, please read here.
Try using fusetter!
A Twitter account is required for this use

On the release date of comics or games...

"Should I hold back on tweeting since it would be a spoiler for others...?" At a time like this, use this magical service that can tweet masked

Able to handle long message uploads

Since it can write impressive 100000 letters in one tweet, you can use it for writing a novel.

Surprisingly popular

Fusetter has been used by \14,000,000/ people.

For those of you wondering, "what can fusetter be used for?"

- A rough fusetter guide in 12 seconds -

How to use is super easy

Fusetter can be used from PC or Smartphone easily and by anybody

Official fusetter Twitter account

"Fuseta" tweets about fusetter services